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Dear Friend,

ZHULI ELECTRIC is a new type enterprise specialized in manufacturing of electrical wire and cable. Especially the high temperature lead wires for motor, installation wire of the electrical apparatus. The special wire, low smoke halogen-free and XLPE power cable is in the top leading level in the industry.

ZHULI ELECTRIC has always put emphasis on internationalization way to found our own brand, adhering to the principle of high tech and scientific management to promote the quality of the products. By the cooperation with the domestic and foreign electrical wire research institute to assure the quality of the productsenhance the competitive power. Since implementing a stringent quality control system, we have gain the international ISO9001 and China CCC ,CE certification for our products and management system, the part of the product with UL certificate and CSA certification.

ZHULI ELECTRIC insist on scientific attitude to design and create the excellent products, keeps to resolve the essential life demand, service the living with flame-retardant, low-smoke, environment- protected, more safety and more health products. 

ZHULI ELECTRIC will follow up the market requirement, excellent design and research team is our guarantee, serving the customer is the changeless subject of us. ZHULI brand will be the character of quality, and it will share the success and joyance with the customer.

                                                                Your friend

                                                                           ZHULI ELECTRIC

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